Contoh drama bahasa inggris

Tema: friendship

Judul: friends 4ever

Pemain: Hansen, Christianto, Raynaldi, Reza, Andrew

Act 1

In the early morning Hansen & Raynaldi are going to the school together, while walking on the road they meet Christianto who look like getting lost and talk to him

Hansen: hey Ian what are you doing here on the road alone?

Ian: wew it looks like I am getting lost while I am on the way going to school, can you help me?

Ray: of course we don’t mind, right Hansen?

Hansen: yeah, let’s get going then everybody

Ian: thank you all

But on the way they meet an fainted old man

Ian: hey there’s an old man right there who look fainted

Hansen: just ignore him, don’t let it bother you

Ray: I don’t agree, we should help people who are in need of people like us

Hansen: okay, I guess you are right

Ian: c’mon guys let’s help the old man right away

Hansen&Ray: yeah!

Then they decided to help the old man

Ray: hey old man are you alright?

Old man: ugh..I’m fine thank you young one for your help

Hansen: it’s alright, we don’t mind helping you old man

Old man: I’m glad there’s still some people that care to an old man like me haha

Ian: see you another time old man

Act 2

Upon their arrival to the school, they already late so the teacher punished them to run in the court ten times

Ian: huff..huff who suggested that we should help that old man!?

Ray&Hansen: it was you, wasn’t it!?

Ian: I wondered perhaps we should have left that old man

Hansen: don’t be like that Ian, you shouldn’t regret your decision after all of this

Ian: sorry guys I’m kinda weird, am I?

Ray: it’s alright we already forgive you

Hansen: fine with me too

Teacher: hey if you guys keep talking then I will punish you all several times than this!

Hansen, Ian &Ray: noo..we are too tired of this already!

Teacher: from my point of view, you’re all failed as a students

After sometime of running..

Teacher: do you all regret your action now?

Ian: yes sir, we promise not to do it again

Teacher: alright then get going to your class right now

Act 3

In the class the students are all gossiping about the principal having retired and going to elected a new one for him

Ray: hey, is it true that our principal are going to retire?

Hansen: it appears so because the principal is too old to govern our school, right?

Ian: hmm..just look forward tomorrow if that is true or not

Ray: yeah

On the way going to home Hansen, Ray, & Ian met the old man again

Old man: oh it’s you guys again, we met for the second time already so can you guys hear about my story for some minute if you don’t mind?

Hansen: yes, we don’t mind

Old man: here’s my story then, once when I’m still a highschool like you guys I have a best friend named        Andrew. He is a careless man but a funny one at least, but one day we broke up because of my decision to left him because one girl that I loved go with him. Even now I’m want to meet him. Here’s the photo if any of you guys met him tell me right away, okay

Hansen: whattt..this is our homeroom teacher, isn’t it!?

Ray: yes, you’re right

Ian: I’m kinda surprise when I was looking at this photo, but this is really our homeroom teacher!

Old man: so you guys know him then and he is currently in the same school as the principal who elected me..

Ian: wait a minute! So you’re our new principal then!?

Old man: yes, sorry not to tell you guys since I know it already from your uniform but I requested that you all helped me to met him

Ray: surely, just don’t be late tomorrow okay principal

Old man: I’m kinda nervous if you guys called me that way, just call me Reza that’s my name btw

Act 4

In the next day on the school the announcement of new principal are being told to every student in the hall Reza is walking slowly with Hansen, Ray, &Ian from the corridor and then..

Teacher: is that you Reza?

Old man: yes, long time no see buddy

Teacher: do you still hate me when I was stealing the girl that you loved that time?

Old man: ..

Ray: principal if you keep quiet nothing will be gained from this talk, will it?

Old man: you’re right, Andrew I don’t really hate you but rather I was already forgive you since that time

Teacher: thank goodness that you are already forgive me, but I want to tell you one thing since you already forgive me

Old man: what is it?

Teacher: I’ve been dumped by that girl you loved long ago

Old man: how can that be!?

Teacher: it’s because that girl is a cheater, he stabbed me from behind by accepting many boyfriend as his toys

Old man: is it really true?

Teacher: you can believe me or not but that’s the reality

Old man: of course I believe you. We are friends, aren’t we? Hehe

Since that time the bond between the teacher and the old man keep increasing and can’t be broken by anyone#fin


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