Weird God

People used to call me weird since I was a kid, it’s true what they say because of my behavior that I think is normal they think  are weird, so I often shunned by my friends.

This continues until I sat on the highschool but not for Nina, she is my first and last love for me because I certainly do not deserve her because I’m just a student whose life is simple, while she comes from a noble family not only that she was also terrific in the sports and lessons are also on campus idol. We had classmates in middle school but she may have forgotten me

a voice called from behind, it was Nina but I ignored her and pretended not to know her

“hey wait you are Retno right .. my classmate when I was high school!”

I was surprised when she remembered me and then I looked back

“what is it Nina?”

“haha .. you’re still the same as always but that’s what I like about you ♥”

I was upset when he was teasing me and I quickly walked away

“please wait a moment Retno I just want you to help me for a while: (”

I could not bear to see her tears I gave her a handkerchief, suddenly  she kissed me

” hey Nina what are you doing!?”

“haha you’re blushed Retno..just to let you know that was my first kiss♥”

“when the lesson ends can you come to the roof, I’ll wait for you there okay”

“why do I have to see geez: |”

“just come and you’ll know Retno :)”

Nina immediately went to her class when the bell rang, I was holding her shoulder felt that her shoulders shaking

when the lessons were over I get to the roof to see Nina. To my surprise when I saw Nina was lying unconscious on the roof

I was right there but a man stop me

“step aside!”

“mmm .. what makes princess fall in love with him, I’ll try to test him”

the strange man attacked


I fell but got up immediately repay

“haaaa .. my attack not make him in pain at all but rather I was coughing up blood!”

light suddenly came out of my hand and sort of sword to make him bounce






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