Eden civilization


Long ago the earth was a barren land that are uninhabited, but some time later began to show signs of life. Such as humans, animals, plants, etc. from around the river eden in there they built a civilization that is so amazing, yet even in this modern era era . But this civilization disappeared for no reason. Many say that the civilization was lost / destroyed by the greed of human beings who live in those days.

Thought they were wrong because in those days there was an emperor who ruled and has two son as the heir to the throne. Several months later the emperor health began to deteriorate, the emperor who was supposed to pick  eldest son Banko as his successor prefer his youngest son Hata continue his position as emperor. At the funeral of the emperor Banko led an uprising, Hata who realized his life was no longer gave logia an object that is proving an emperor to a faithful servant named Sino and killed himself. After the devastating earthquake that destroyed arises the whole town, Sino confused and saddened by his master died not knowing what to do anymore, it was then a mysterious door appeared in front of him. Without thinking Sino soon enter that door …


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